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Protect Yourself From “Defective Shingle” Roofing Scam

Atlanta Metro has been plagued by door-to-door roofing sales people pressuring homeowners into filing insurance claims for “defective shingles.”



What roofers are referring to as “defective shingles” are Atlas Chalet or Certainteed Horizon shingles that are discontinued and look like this.  →

Many homeowners have been scammed, had shoddy workmanship, or even been victims of insurance fraud.

Following these 3 Simple Tips will help you avoid the roofing scam and choose a reliable, reputable contractor.


Tip #1 Know that the shingles are not “defective,” they are simply discontinued.

Roofers are using the word “defective” to strike fear into homeowners and pushing them into signing contracts.

These shingles are not defective. Since they are discontinued roof repairs are not possible. If your roof does have wind or hail damage, insurance companies are replacing these roofs simply because they are not repairable.

Beware if a roofer tells you your roof is “defective.”

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Tip #2 Beware of Fraud

 Watch the roofer Inspect your roof. There have been roofers intentionally damaging roofs claiming that “wind” blew the shingles off.

When insurance companies inspect the roof, their highly trained inspectors recognize these torn shingles and begin a fraud investigation.

Don’t fall victim to fraud. Watch the roofer inspect your roof.

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Tip #3 Only let reputable roofers inspect your roof 

These shingles are very fragile and should only be inspected by a reputable roofer.

Walking on steep roofs can damage shingles or cause them to be dislodged. Since these shingles are discontinued, damage cannot be repaired.

Be sure to do your homework and research the roofing contractor before letting them inspect your roof.

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Following these 3 Simple Tips will help you avoid a roofing scam and select only a reliable and reputable roofer.

If you’ve had roofers come to your door claiming “defective shingles” and pressuring you into a sale, then you need a second opinion before taking action.

Schedule your FREE, no-obligation inspection of your discontinued Atlas Chalet or Certainteed Horizon  shingles today.



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