1. Everything was wonderful!

    1st National Roofing came out and replaced my whole roof. They did a great job. I was really pleased with how fast they got it done, they were in and out in one day. They were also really clean, it looked they weren't even there after they left. My new roof looks great, I really like the update. Nothing negative to say.…Read More

    Jeff E. - Atlanta, GA
  2. Good job in a quick manner

    I originally found out about 1st National Roofing through one of their sales people. They did a very good job and got everything done in a quick manner. I am happy with the initial service. My insurance covered the cost of the initial call, so I cannot say how competitive their prices are. The only area I'd improve would be their follow-up. They told me they needed to come back and do something to…Read More

    Lane N - Newnan, GA
  3. 5 out of 5 stars!!!

    I am so pleased with them and the service we received there! Danny is great; he stayed on top of everything for us and kept us well informed every step of the way. He responded quickly to any questions/concerns and just took great care of us and our needs. Amazing customer attention plus great service - they just did a terrific job for us! In face - I have already recommended them! Great Job!!!…Read More

    Roger S - Atlanta, GA
  4. Quick, easy, painless process

    1st National Roofing did a great job walking me through the entire steps of the process- the insurance, the banking, the receiving of money and the payment - laid it out in a language I could understand. They told me how it was going to play out and it was all pretty quick and easy - easier than I thought. Ali is the one I dealt with and he's a good guy who is very personable and stayed in touch t…Read More

    Monte J - Cumming, GA
  5. 5/5 Stars

    Ali and the office staff was always professional & courteous. We were always kept apprised of the status of our order and schedule of the installation. Would definitely recommend 1st National to friends.…Read More

    Joyce A- Buford, GA
  6. Wonderful company; I highly recommend them

    1st National Roofing did a great job putting the roof on and went above and beyond. We were trying to get everything completed for closing and they worked with the insurance company to get everything processed quickly. Typically it takes a lot longer. They were communitive and prompt with returning phone calls and I felt they did a tremendous job.…Read More

    Renee H- Suwanee, G
  7. The best home maintenance service I’ve ever experienced

    First of all, 1st National Roofing has great customer service and sales support. Their folks came out here, inspected the roof, and said there was wind damage I didn't know about. They also said the shingles on the roof were defective and discontinued. What resulted from probably about $500-$600 of damage was a completely new roof. So that was a great sales pitch. The work commenced within a coupl…Read More

    Bob M. - Newman, GA
  8. Very satisfied

    Appreciated all the help everyone provided with questions, concerns, etc. Thank you, again, Danny for making sure everything got done!…Read More

    Paul G. - Dallas, GA
  9. Very good, fine job

    I was overall pleased with 1st National Roofing. I especially liked John Holiday; he was my salesperson & very kind. He sent me serveral notes since I got my roof put on and I appreciate that personal part of him. The only complaint I had was that after they fixed the roof, there were still some nails around the yard. They went around the house and picked a bunch up but I picked up enough to f…Read More

    Jeneida M. - Ackworth, GA